Solent Anodes

How to Fit a propeller shaft anode

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Measure your propeller shaft diameter carefully to work out the size with special care over whether your shaft is metric or imperial.

One inch shafts are very close to 25mm shafts but not the same.

Ensure you have enough clearance between hull and anode, and stern gland and propeller. Sizes can be found on every shaft anode we have listed on the website.

Clean the propeller shaft to give a good electrical contact

Tap each half of the anode into place with a small hammer, line them up against each other and bolt together firmly. The two halves will probably end up slightly apart.

I have always filled the nut and bolt holes on my shaft anodes with a 2 pack filler which ensures that the bolts do not come loose and it also stops the area around the bolts from becoming sacrificial. This stops the anode from degrading in that area, the bolts loosening off, and the shaft anode coming away.

Painting the small area in the pockets where the nuts and bolts are located will also do the trick.

Do not paint the whole anode or paint it with antifoul.

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