Solent Anodes


Supplying Quality Zinc, Aluminium and Magnesium Anodes

to leisure boat users and the marine industry

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All our Anodes are made  from pure high grade metal  and then alloyed to the relevant military specification, which is the result of many years of extensive studies and experimentation. This ensures that our Anodes work correctly and continuously throughout their lives.

Corrosion on marine craft in a salt water environment is a major problem if left uncontrolled. Whether you have a GRP, Wood, Steel or a Ferrocement boat, corrosion of stern gear and skin fittings can lead to major problems and great expense if anodes are not regularly checked and replaced.

Anodes are fitted to sacrifice themselves in order to protect the more noble (less reactive) metals on your boat such as propellers, skin fittings, rudders and other underwater marine fittings. 

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We are an online retailer specialising in supplying high quality Anodes for leisure and Commercial vessels.

We hold in stock the majority of our large range of products enabling a quick delivery, often dispatching on the same day.